Keywords : Cloud computing

Multi-Authority System based Personal Health Record in Cloud Computing

Ghassan Sabeeh Mahmood; Taha Mohammed Hasan; Aymen Mudheher Badr

Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 108-116

Personal Health Records (PHRs) is service for health information interchange. Patients can create, control, and exchange their health information. PHRs are outsourced to be stored in the cloud. However, there have been serious privacy concerns about cloud service as it may expose user’s data like PHRs to those cloud service providers or unauthorized users. To overcome these challenges, a cloud based PHRs for exchange PHRs among multiple users is proposed. In the proposed system, patients can encrypt their PHRs and store them on the cloud. Furthermore, patients can maintain control over access to their PHRs by assigning fine grained access control. To achieve fine grained access, the proposed PHRs are divided into the personal domain (PSDs) and public domain (PUDs). To ensure security in a cloud based PHRs, Multi-authority based weighted attribute encryption model and Attributed-based access control for the Multi authority model are implemented in the PSDs and PUDs, respectively. The proposed model based on PHRs improves the efficiency of the system in terms of encryption, decryption. Also, the proposed system has proven to be collusion resistant and enhancing the security of PHRs users in a multi owner environment.