Keywords : AODV

Black Hole Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Network and its Avoidance

Ali Ayid Ahmad; Ahmed Chalak Shakir

Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 86-96

Mobile Ad Hoc Network is an infrastructure less wireless network where the mobile nodes leaves and joins the mobile network very frequently. The routing of the packets from source node to destination node, the routing protocol is used. On Demand Distance Vector Routing protocol is very common and implemented with Mobile Ad Hoc Network nodes to handle the operations of packet routing from by any node as a source node to destination node. In this paper prevention of black hole attack by modifying the On Demand Distance Vector routing protocol. The sequence number of 32 bit is initiated with the Route Reply and route sequence packet broadcast to determine the request reply from black hole node under the Mobile Ad Hoc Network. The sequence number and On demand Distance Vector Routing protocol are integrated with a mechanism to find the Request Reply of message containing routing information from source to destination node in Mobile Ad Hoc Network.

Rate of approximation of K-monotone functions in L_(ψ,p) (I) space , 0

Nada Zuhair Abd AL-Sada; Noor Hayder Abdul Ameer; Adel Salim Tayyah; Akeel Ramadan Mehdi; Dhurgham Aiham Kadhim Alshakarchi; Maytham Salman azeez; Emad Allawi Shallal; Saad Abdulkadhim Al-Saadi; Mehdi S. Abbas; Rana J.S. Al-janabi; Shroouq J.S. Al-janabi; Zinah Hussein Toman; Sarim H. Hadi; Noori F. AL-Mayahi; Ali Ayid Ahmad; Ahmed Chalak Shakir; Hassan Nadem Rasoul; Alaa Saleh Hadi; Ali Hassan Mohammed; Sara F. Hassan; Boushra Y. Hussein; Thekra Abbas; M.Nafea Jafaar; Hanadi A. AbdulSatter; Intisar Shadeed Al-Mejibli; Dhafar Hamed Abd Dhafar Hamed Abd; Salam Abdulkhaleq Noaman; Alaa H. Al-Muslimawi; Bashaeer K. Jassim; Haider Kadhim Hoomod; Intisar Al-Mejibli; Abbas Issa Jabboory; Farhan Dakhil Shyaa; Dhyaa Shaheed Al-Azzawy; Sinan Adnan Diwan; Ahmed Talip Hussein; Haider Jebur Ali; Habeeb Kareem Abdulla; Shatha S.Alhily

Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 54-56

In this paper we shown that the relationship with the best algebraic approximation and K- monotone functions with bounded ( i ) such that (i


Monotone functions
Modulus of smoothness.
الدالة المتناوبة
مقياس النعومة .

The effect of random waypoint mobility infrastructure for wireless networks

Aseil nadhum kadhum; Aseel nadhum kadhum

Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 10-18

Mobile wireless sensor networks (mwsns) have as of late propelled a developing well known class of wsn in which portability assumes a key part in the execution of the application. As of late, portability has turned into an imperative zone of research for the wsn group. The expanding abilities and the diminishing expenses of portable sensors make versatile sensor systems conceivable and viable. In spite of the fact that wsn organizations were never imagined to be completely static, portability was at first viewed as having a few difficulties that should have been defeat, including availability, scope, and vitality utilization, among others. be that as it may, late studies have been indicating versatility in a more ideal light. In this article, an outline of proposition that assess portable correspondence in wsns is exhibited.

Accordingly ,an assortment of versatility were proposed by analysts throughout the years where every portability display has its own particular properties that may influence the execution of the system in a way that varies from different models entitled with various properties. In this paper we give a study of versatility models that can be utilized as a part of remote sensor systems since it is imperative to give an arrangement of the accessible models along these lines a few portability models were looked into in the proposed work.